Easy and the best Subtittle Convert

You can Convert any Subtitle you want, it's easy with Batch convert. Easy Convert subtitle ssa to srt, sub to srt, ass to srt, dat to srt, and other.

You can also change speed of subtitle, convert FPS Subtitle, Example:
Convert a subtitle from:
 - 25fps to 23.976fps (movie get longer)
 - 23.976fps to 25fps (movie get shorter)
 - Or custom Fps you want.

I'm only using 2 types of software subtitle.
1. For best Convert subtitle extention like; ssa to srt or ass to srt use Subtitle Workshop.

Supported Extension :
*.ass *.aqt *.txt *.dat *.asc *.dks *.jss *.js *.lrc *.vkt *.scr *.sub *.mpl *.mpl *.ovr *.pan *.pjs *.psb *.rt *.smi *.s2k *.sbt *.rtf *.son *.stl *.sst *.ssts *.srt *.ssa *.vsf *.zeg

2. For best and simpe Edit or convert FPS subtitle, use Subtitle Tool

Questions that often:
Convert .sub, .idx to .srt subtitles?
How do you convert .ass subtitles into .txt, .srt, .sub, or .ssa format?
how to convert a subtitle from 25fps to 23.975fps?
how to convert a subtitle FPS?
Convert .ass to .srt help!
Convert .sub, .idx to .srt subtitles?
How To Convert Text File Into Subtitle?

Avi Subtitle Extract

How to extract subtitle from video file AVI‎?
Extract Subtitle embled in AVI file.
Extract subtitle from .AVI and to save .SRT
Fast and automatic extract subtitle from video AVI to save SRT.

AVISubDetector is a tool for extraction and recognition of hard-burned subtitles from various video sources.
Developer: shalcker | License: GPL | OS: Windows All
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SubRip is a program which allows you to rip DVD subtitles with their timing as a text file. Can also convert vobsub *.sub and *.idx) to srt text subtitles *.vobsub to srt / sub to srt / subtosrt / sub2srt .
Developer: Brain | License: Freeware | OS: Windows All

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MKV Tools - extract - merge - MKVToolnix

MKVToolnix - Cross-platform tools for Matroska

MKVToolnix is a set of tools to create, alter and inspect Matroska files under Linux, other Unices and Windows.
Developer: Moritz Bunkus | License: GPL | OS: Windows All - Linux
Site: http://www.bunkus.org/videotools/mkvtoolnix/

Other  Screenshot

MKV Subtitle Extract

* How to extract subtitle from MKV (Matsoka)?..
* You can extract subtitle from MKV use this program.
MKVcleaver is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for mkvtoolnix, designed to extract data from MKV files. It can be used in a batch mode (loading and extracting data from many files) as well as single file mode. It has a simple GUI interface, but a lot of functionality.

> This program can extracts video, audio and subtitle tracks from MKV files.

- Drag & Drop support
- Per file setting override
- Detailed information for each file on demand
- File naming options for easy sorting
- Language tag for audio and subtitle tracks
- Save files to original directory or select a single directory
- Raw FLAC output option
- Automatic file format detection
- Automatic track codec detection
- Automatic extension assignment
- VFR detection
- Automatic timecode extraction for VFR tracks
- Timecodes only mode
- Custom extensions for any codec
- Remembers position of GUI window
- Convert H264 tracks to AVI option
- Detailed progress of extraction process
- Copies needed files into the same directory automatically

v Released
- MKVcleaver did not output any files even through it reported successful extraction.
- About box caused glitches if OK button was clicked.
- Progress was not calculating properly in Timecodes Only mode

- Added an option to turn off VFR Detection to Settings menu.
- Almost everything is disabled when extracting.
- MediaInfoDLL is updated to the latest version.

- MKVToolnix

Developer: Ilia Bakhmoutski | License: GPL | OS: Windows All
Site: http://apps.einsof-haras.ca/mkvcleaver_about.html


OGM Subtitle Extract

Developer: Tam�s Kurucsai | License: GPL | OS: Windows All
Site: http://ogmcleaver.googlepages.com 
Little program extract subtitle tracks from OGM files. This program can extracts video, audio and subtitle tracks from OGM and MKV files. It is basically an oversimplified GUI for OGMTools and MKVToolnix.
New in version 1.1.0:
- Files to be processed can be added using drag-and-drop.
- It is displayed what kinds of tracks are present in each file.
- Tracks to be extracted can be choosen.
- File naming bug with MKV source is fixed.

Subtitle Workshop most complete subtitle editing tool

Subtitle Editing Tool | Subtitle Editor

Subtitle Workshop is the most complete, efficient and convenient subtitle editing tool. It supports all the subtitle formats you need and has all the features you would want from a subtitle editing program. Subtitle Workshop makes subtitle creating, editing, converting tasks almost a pleasure, the amicable and intuitive interface mixes easy to access menus & must have features with advanced functions and a remarkable speed and stability, drastically reducing subtitle editing time. It includes spell check function and an advanced video preview feature which will ease the task even more. The best choice for the beginner, expert or the fansubber.

List of supported formats:
Adobe Encore DVD (*.txt)
Advanced SubStation Alpha (*.ass)
AQTitle (*.aqt)
Captions 32 (*.txt)
Captions DAT (*.dat)
Captions DAT Text (*.dat)
Captions Inc. (*.txt)
Cheetah (*.asc)
CPC-600 (*.txt)
DKS Subtitle Format (*.dks)
DVD Junior (*.txt)
DVD Subtitle System (*.txt)
DVDSubtitle (*.sub)
FAB Subtitler (*.txt)
IAuthor Script (*.txt)
Inscriber CG (*.txt)
JACOSub 2.7+ (*.jss; *.js)
Karaoke Lyrics LRC (*.lrc)
Karaoke Lyrics VKT (*.vkt)
KoalaPlayer (*.txt) (equal to one of the variations of TMPlayer)
MAC DVD Studio Pro (*.txt)
MacSUB (*.scr)
MicroDVD (*.sub)
MPlayer (*.mpl)
MPlayer2 (*.mpl)
MPSub (*.sub)
OVR Script (*.ovr)
Panimator (*.pan)
Philips SVCD Designer (*.sub)
Phoenix Japanimation Society (*.pjs)
Pinnacle Impression (*.txt)
PowerDivX (*.psb)
PowerPixel (*.txt)
QuickTime Text (*.txt)
RealTime (*.rt)
SAMI Captioning (*.smi)
Sasami Script (*.s2k)
SBT (*.sbt)
Sofni (*.sub)
Softitler RTF (*.rtf)
SonicDVD Creator (*.sub)
Sonic Scenarist (*.sst)
Spruce DVDMaestro (*.son)
Spruce Subtitle File (*.stl)
Stream SubText Player (*.sst)
Stream SubText Script (*.ssts)
SubCreator 1.x (*.txt)
SubRip (*.srt)
SubSonic (*.sub)
SubStation Alpha (*.ssa)
SubViewer 1.0 (*.sub)
SubViewer 2.0 (*.sub)
TMPlayer (*.txt) (five different variations)
Turbo Titler (*.txt)
Ulead DVD Workshop 2.0 (*.txt)
ViPlay Subtitle File (*.vsf)
ZeroG (*.zeg)

Add FPS from AVI
Adjust subtitles
Method 1: simple adjust, first and last dialogs
Method 2: synchronize using two points
Method 3: adjust to synchronized subtitles
Method 4: advanced subtitle adjust
Automatic durations
Batch convert subtitle
Combine subtitles
Convert case
Delete unnecessary links
Divide lines
Duration limits
Errors & fixes explained
Extend length
External preview
Framerate conversion
Information and errors
Internal Preview: The video engine
Join subtitles
Marked subtitles
OCR Scripts
Read texts from file
Read times from file
SAMI Language Extractor
Search & Replace
Set delay
Set maximum line length
Settings explained
Shift subtitles
Smart line adjust
Spell check
Split subtitles
Syntax of Regular Expressions
Time expander/reducer
Unbreak subtitles

Download Subtitle Workshop
Developer: URUSoft | License: Freeware | OS: Windows All
Please select one of the following mirrors:

Subtitle Tool - Freeware

Subtitle Tool, edit : Time shift subtitle, change speed subtitle, edit subtitle, append subtitle, split subtitle, check consistency.

Vesion 2002-05-27
Licence freeware
Autor Tomas Zavodny, Brno, Czech Republic
www of program http//www.tomzavodny.cz/program/subtool/
contact http//www.tomzavodny.cz/kontakt.php
Instalation extract into some folder
Uninstalation just Delete SUBTITLETOOL.EXE souboru a README.TXT
Requirements MS Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP, CPU > 200MHz, desktop resolution 800x600 (Player is limited in this resolution - doesnt shows big subtitles) small screen fonts (96dpi)! (Screen Settings - Settings - Advanced - Font size)
Recommended CPU > 600MHz, resolution 1024x768 or better 1280x1024

If you would like to convert your 23.976 FPS movie into 25 FPS movie by shorting playing length (play it faster) and you have subtitles in MicroDVD format, then there is no problem. Just open it as 25FPS and everything is done. But if you have subtitles in other format (SRT or other), than open it and select "Change speed" and change it...

Editing subtitles while playing movie:
Just open subtitles and movie in player. Than play movie and when you want to modify current showing subtitle just press Enter. Playing will be paused and you can modify subtitle, Apply (Alt+A) and then press F9 to switch to Player. Then press F4 and continue watching.

If you would like to insert subtitle - just press Insert key right in time it should appear and write subtitle, Apply (Alt+A), F9, F4 and continu.

To Delete current subtitle just press Del key.

F9 - switch between player and subtitler

Shortcuts for player:
F1 - Jump to begin of movie
F2 - Jump backward 60 seconds
F3 - Jump backward 5 seconds
F4 - Play/Pause
F5 - Jump forward 5 seconds
F6 - Jump forward 60 seconds
F7 - Jump to previous subtitle
F8 - Jump to next subtitle (it jumps only if next sub is after more then 5 sec)
F9 - Switch between player and subtitler

Realtime correction of subtitle's showing/hiding time
F10 - Lenghten of previous subtitle
F11 - Hide current subtitle
F12 - Show next subtitle

+ added player (it is MS Windows Media Player ;-) and playing subtitles.
If there are any problem with playing movies, try install MS Windows Media Player 7.1.
+ added support for two other subtitle formats
+ added partial time shift
+ added many shortcuts. See minihelp in program.

first public release (about 3000 downloads till 20.5.2002 ;-)